Good-Bye Little Lulu

Family Photo's Oct 2012 Lulu in WagonOur little Ms Lulu passed away today. 4/20/1999 – 6/14/2013

Lulu adopted us when she was 8 years old on May 23, 2007.

She had a wonderful life hanging out poolside in Arizona then moving to Washington state in 2008. Ms Lulu acquired the nickname Senior Director of Operation with our company. She could always keep the young pups in check, which they would give her their utmost respect.

Lulu’s favorite pastime was scooting about in the neighborhood in her little red wagon and performing the Scottish Jig before every meal. 

May you keep dancing in heaven little Lulu.

We Miss You Lulu!!

Long Beach WA Aug 4 2012

Long Beach WA August 4, 2012


Charlie & Lulu

Front Lawn


One Last Ride………

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