Mr Leo 2002 – Jan 24, 2014

It is with great sadness we end the month of January on a sad note.

We lost a member of our off leash pack. Mr. Leo passed away on January 24, 2014 after his battle with cancer.

Mr. Leo was a gentle soul.

We gave Leo the nickname “The Chaperon”. When a new pup would join the off leash gang Leo would escort the young pups around the park like a proud pack leader.  I was always amazed how Leo would watch over the pups to make sure they didn’t venture to far from the pack.

A funny story about Mr. Leo. We attended the end of summer Pooch Plunge in Renton. Mr. Leo was very excited to splash around in the pool until he noticed a vendor table full of cupcakes. Leo would look around to see if his owner Mary was watching him then he would sneak away from the pool gently go behind the vendor table and snatch a cupcake. It was amazing how he could sneak behind the table snatch a cupcake and the vendor didn’t notice a 90 lb Golden Retriever. Thank goodness he didn’t teach that trick to the young pups.

The Pooch Plunge this year will not be the same without our Mr. Leo or our off leash outings. I will miss not seeing Leo in the cab of my truck and our walks through the park.

We miss you dear friend We miss you!

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