Mr Grover January 2001 – May 12, 2015

Tree Pic 7-14


Mr Grover passed away with his family by his side on May 12, 2015.

Ms Petey, Maui & I had a chance to say one last good-bye before Grover passed away. It was a very sad day to have to say good-bye to a friend. Grover has been with the LPC pack since 2004 he is one of “The Original Eight”

Grover was a friendly dog not a mean bone in his body. He looked a little intimidating but he was a gentle soul. I nicknamed him Mr Congeniality aka Grandpa. When I had to introduce a new pup to the pack or a new boarding guest. I would introduce a newbie to Mr Grover first then Petey or Maui. Mr Grover would put the newbie at ease with a wag of his tail and a few prancing moves.

Mr Grover had the respect from the pack. On the days that I would pickup Mr Grover the pack would move to the back sit and save the front sit for Grover. It was like they knew Grover was my co-pilot which he held that position for 11 years.


The Early Years

Aug 2005


August 2005 Grover far right with Ms Bea, Katie, Ally & Ms Abby

119-1927_IMG Grover bouncing around in the old truck with Roscoe & Coco part of “The Original Eight” November 2004

Petey going away part 3 2005

April 2005 Grover hanging out with Flash, Petey & Katie part of “The Original Eight”

Le Pet Concierge Gang Oct 2005

October 2005 Grover, Bea, Lilo, Roscoe, Abby, Ally & Marley


Vacation Time Gearhart Oregon October 2009


Mr Grover had a beach house in Gearhart Oregon that we would stay at along with Ms Jersey one of Grover’s best friends.





Time for dinner after a long day at the beach



Cannon Beach Dog Show October 2010

Maui & Grover didn’t win any ribbons that day but Grover took a wonderful nap on the beach.


The Later YearsGrover & Petey 5-14

Old Friends till the end Grover with Ms Petey May 2014

Grover 4-2015April 2015

Good-Bye Friend I miss you…..

I would like to say Thank You to Grover’s family for allowing me the opportunity to spend 11 wonderful years with Grover.

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