4th Annual Pooch Plunge

The Pooches had a blast at the 4th Annual Pooch Plunge at Henry Moses Pool in Renton

Group Photo

Cooper, Otis, Aria, Lilo, Rocky, Maui, Sasha, Sam, Murphy & Apollo

001tb (71)

Ms Maui Le Pet Concierge Activity Director

001tb (64)

Mr Otis with his mom Melinda

001tb (60)

Murphy & Sam with their parents Jessica & Erik

001tb (57)

Mr Cooper with his family Pam, Evan & Greg


001tb (50)

Mr Apollo with his family Sean, Liam, Sienna, & Elayna

001tb (47)

Ms Sasha with her parents Scott & Jennifer

001tb (45)

Ms Aria with her parents Karl & Megan

001tb (42)

Rocky & Lilo with their mom Eva





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