November Pups

Mr Scout won 1st prize for The Dirty Dog Award

Mr Bowie came in 2nd for The Dirty Dog Award

Mr Parker 3rd Place Dirty Dog Award

Mr Winston sporting his dirty boots

Mr Max won Best Effort for Dirty Dog Award

A little Smirk from Mr Watson

Ms Lilo

Mr Gunner

Mr Buddy

Mr Marley

Mr Otis

Ms Hope

Ms Lola Doodle

Mr Dunkin

Mr Parker

Mr Cooper

Mr Bandit

Mr Buddy Sr

Ms Ruby

Mr Apollo

Ms Piper

Ms Ruby basking in the sun

Mr Odin

Mr Blue

Mr Bo

Ms Nara

Mr Kermit

Mr Coco

Ms Miley

Ms Honey

New to the pack Mr Bowie

Mr Andy

Ms Mags

Ripley & Scout

Mr Theo, Watson, Lola & Finn

Mr. Dunkin serenading his friends Dino, Scout & Piper

Mr Parker, Apollo & Ms Zoey

Maui & Daisy waiting for Mr Lemu to join in on the group photo

Maui & Bandit keeping watch over the pack

Nara & Theo chillin out

Maui not looking to excited puppy sitting the Doodle pups Jasper & Bowie

Nap time for the Pointer Pack

Siesta time for Theo & Bowie

Couch time for Ms Daisy

Poor Ms Ruby sitting out on all of the fun while wearing “The Cone of Shame”

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