Snow, Snow Snow

Mr Blue taking in the view

Ms Maui relaxing in the snow

Mr Parker is very excited to play in the snow

Mr George

Mr Brodie

It’s never to cold to have a pool day

Ms Aly

Ms Peanut

Scout & Griffey

Mr Linus

Millie & George The Dobs

Blue Eye Pups Theo & Stella

Ms Reya

Ms Piper & Ms Ruby

Ms Mesa

Young pups Mr Toby & Mr JJ

Mr Rocket Man

Mr Bandit

Ms Sadie

Mr Lemu oh my the snow a little deep

Ms Lolo

Ms Maysy

The Boys Ollie & Oden

Ms Bella

Mr Bo

Mr Theo

Mr Bud

Ms Piper

New to the pack Ms Edina

Mr Toby

Mr Otis

Mr Finn

Ms Malia

Ms Lucy & Ms Peanut

Mr Duke

Mr Pablo

Mr Griffey & Ms Lola

Mr George

Mr Scout

Mr Parker

Mr Marley

The Pups JJ, Griffey & Mr Watson

Ms Lola, Ruby, Duke, Buster

Ms Bella

Mr Buster

Ms Lola

2 weeks later….Good-Bye Snow

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