Fall is Here

Time to pull out the rain pants & rubber boots. The one good thing we now have a doggie tub to clean up the pups after a long day of playing in the rain.

Someone needs a bath

A little rain won’t stop Lola from playing outside

Hanging out under the trees to get out of the rain

Belle & Odin staying dry under the trees

Rain break!!

Siesta time in The Dog Shop

Mr Bo chillin out

Bath Time!!

Maui modeling our new doggie wash tub

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End of Summer Pool Party

Maui & her friends celebrated the last day of summer at the 7th Annual Pooch Plunge in Renton

Maui & Friends posing with their parents

Mr Jake enjoying a day at the pool Keep Smiling Jake

You can do it Ms Mags!!

Mr Blue having a blast!!

Way to go Ms Piper you graduated to the deep end of the pool

Ms Nara having a fun day at her debut at the Pooch Plunge

Ms Honey building up her confidence You Can Do It Ms Honey!!

Mr Theo figuring out his next move to swim or play chase Hmmm

Mr Linus waiting for the next ball toss

Maui & Mag’s their Annual Pooch Plunge Photo

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April Pups



New to the Pack Mr Jasper




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Mr Riggins Good-Bye Party

Maui hosted a going away party for Mr Riggins. Good Luck Mr Riggins!! We will miss you!!


Mr Riggins


Hostess of the party Ms Maui & Ms Aria


Mr Jake, Aria & New Kid Mr Jasper


Ms Zoey


Ms Belle


A few of Riggins party guests left to right Ms Aria, Laughing, Maui, Riggins & Jake


Bud Jr


Mr Bandit


Mr Linus


Ms Sunny




Mr Otis


Mr Marley


Mr Gunner


Ms Mags

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Little Pack


Mr Lemieux


Ms Doodle


Ms Lady


Mr Laughing


Mr Fuess


Mr Frito


Ms Miley


Ms Mini


Ms Mini & Honey Boo Boo


Mr Kermit


Mr Coco


Ms Honey Boo Boo


Ms Izzie



Laughing, Lady & Lemieux


Sammie & Pepper


New to the Mini Pack Mr Sammie

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Four Seasons in one Month!

The great northwest one day the sun is out and the cherry blossoms are in bloom. The next day it snows followed by rain & wind that’s living in the Northwest

Beautiful Sunny Day

Mr Duke

New to the Pack Winston & Willow

Mr Gunner

Mr Linus soaking up the sun

Ms Sophie

Maui, Rusty & Apollo

Mr Pappy

Mr Zion

Mr Aengus

Ms Sunny and Mr Theo

Ms Mags

Ms Ruby

Mr Oscar

Lady and Laughing

Ms Lady

Lemieux and Fuess

Mr Jake aka Run Run


Mr Teddie


Mr Baxter


Mr Bandit

Ms Belle

Gunner, Riley, Max, Lemieux, Otis and Ms Sasha


Snow in March??? Not just a dusting of snow!! Oh well the dogs had a blast

Ms Nara

Mister Parker

Parker and Winston The Doodle Twins

Ms Piper and Ms Malia


Mr P

Mr Theo

Mr Margie

Ms Ruby


Then the rain & wind returned so did our rain pants & boots

Ms Liza

Mr Duke

I think Ms Nara was white when she arrived today??

New to the Pack Mr Watson making the best of a rainy day

Nice Smile Ms Sophie

Mr Kane new to the Pack

Lovely Day Linus, Piper, Blue, Marley, Bandit

Lady and Laughing


Mr Blu

Mr P

The Doods Willow and Winston


Nice warm shop to take a nap



Mister Parker

Naps are for sissy as per Rizzo and Mister Parker

Ms Mesa

Ms Albie

Mr Linus and Mr Dax

Ms Winnie

Ms Maysy

Mr Oscar

Mr Bayou new to the pack

Book Ends Maui and Sasha

Ms Malia

Linus and Max

Blue and Margie

Maui and Sophie

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Beautiful Fall Day

Ms Zoey, Duke, Bandit, Apollo & Piper

Mr Otis, Zoey & Bandit

Ms Piper, Ms Sierra, Mr Duke & Ms Zoey

The Pack Piper, Sierra, Milo, Zoey, Duke, Otis, Apollo & Maysy

Sierra, Piper, Ruby & Milo

Theo & Bandit

Piper & Mr Bandit new to the pack

Mr Duke

Mr Apollo

Mr Theo

Nap time for Ms Ruby after a fun filled day

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